One thing I’ve noticed these military-types do very little of is mucking around. Independent author Chris Kennedy demonstrates his unflinching desire to seek out the facts and implement effective strategies toward his goals in his incredibly useful self-help book, “Self-Publishing for Profit.”


The first thing I noticed (and appreciated) about this book was its length. At a mere 150 pages, it does not waste a second of your time. Kennedy plows through the varied travails of self-publishing one item at a time, giving only the pertinent details, his tips and experience, and the facts.

For an author (such as myself) only looking for the meat and potatoes of a highly complex industry, Kennedy delivers the stuff you want to know right away, then moves on at a steady clip.

My favorite part of the book is the information itself. Kennedy is a self-taught independent bookseller, and you could learn everything his book has to offer if you just invested a few years struggling to do it, but why bother? In a single sitting (I stretched it into two), Kennedy will give you an easy-to-digest, step-by-step examination of everything you need to do in order to set your book up for financial success.

I highly recommend Chris Kennedy’s book, “Self-Publishing for Profit.”