Starship Inner Prize


“Absolutely brilliant!!!
Genius… and hilarious!”
-Jennifer Johns,
Broadway Artists Alliance




After being dishonorably discharged for a stellar record of incompetence, Captain “Curt” and his starship, the Inner Prize, are called upon to save the universe when an evil computer program threatens to annihilate all forms of life and the Inner Prize is – coincidentally – the only ship in the quadrant.

A comedic action/adventure play. 12 characters, 6-11 roles (M-1, F-2, 3-8 of any gender).

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Deadpan, the Musical




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It’s 1936, and hit songwriter Stanley Cordell has come to the Il Toscana nightclub to propose to his fiancé — but instead discovers she’s been having an affair behind his back. When she promptly dies, Stanley (along with everyone else) gets implicated in a murder investigation that’s sure to uncover some unsettling, unforeseen, and downright unusual truths about the club’s patrons….

A comedic murder/mystery dinner theatre musical. 9 roles (M-3, F-3, and 3 of any gender) plus a special cameo for the conductor.

The world premiere performance was held at Willow Ridge Restaurant in Fort Dodge, Iowa from January 26th, 2012 through February 4th, and starred Sean Coughlin, Jane Bunting, Deven Kolluri, Will Schnurr, Abby Enabnit, Mike Loots, Robin Corsberg, Kate Fitzgerald, Joe Whaley, and Ben Wheeler as “Maestro.” Special thanks to Chef Michael Hirst.


The Madrigal Dinner



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A raucously hilarious dinner theatre musical farce written for SATB with many opportunities for soloists. The show is incredibly versatile: practically every part can be played by an actor of any gender. Includes original songs as well as arrangements of standards written for keyboard and/or brass quartet.

A comedic dinner theatre musical. 9 principle roles with 8 or more extras.

The premiere performance was held at Willow Ridge Restaurant in Fort Dodge, Iowa, from January 26th through the 29th, 2011, starring Sean Coughlin, Robin Corsberg and Mike Loots.