Kevin F. Kelleher

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Kevin Kelleher is an author, composer and playwright living in New York City. He is the author of the high-flying, fantasy/adventure series, Chronicles of Gilderam, and his plays and musicals are performed regularly around the country.



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Kevin has given educational and inspirational workshops around the country. Topics include:

  • the cinematic book trailer
  • creative writing
  • playwrighting
  • improvisational theatre
  • music composition
  • success-geared personal philosophy

He is especially keen on workshopping groups getting ready to perform one of his shows!

Custom Work:

Ask Kevin about his involvement in your next project. He is willing and able to:

  • edit your writing (book, play, music – you name it!)
  • score your film
  • write you a sonnet

Book Signing/Reading:

Invite Kevin Kelleher to your venue to speak about his book, read from it, or teach a beginner’s class on Conversational Gresadian.


To challenge, inspire and invigorate the minds of his audience and – above all else – to entertain.


Interested in my professional background? Have a look at my résumé.