Owein Maeriod is the slightly-surly bodyguard who’s handy in a scrape. He’s hired by the beautiful half-elf, Shazahd, daughter of legendary inventor, Lord Ranaloc, to protect their newest prototype airship, Gilderam, along its maiden voyage to the elvish capital in Divar.

When mafia terrorists, government conspirators, and religious prophecy team up against them, Owein, Shazahd, and the others must form an unlikely alliance in order to survive.

Mayhem follows the mysterious airship Gilderam at every turn, and soon the colorful personalities on board find themselves joined together as a single crew – thrust into the center of a quickly spreading worldwide catastrophe.





The gap between rich and poor has finally reached its breaking point. The Haves live on the surface-world in edenic paradise, while the Have-nots toil below in a vast prison of hellish slavery. Can a rogue slave, Vigo, struggling to survive, and a misfit from the surface, Ilina, struggling to find meaning in life, together bring down the entire system?


Short Fiction