At this year’s Capclave – an annual clandestine meeting of nerdy writers – the widely popular author George R.R. Martin will have the rare chance to rub elbows with the writer behind the wildly acclaimed new fantasy series, Chronicles of Gilderam, yours truly….

I’m Kevin Kelleher, by the way.

Martin and Kelleher share many traits in common. Both are the authors of esteemed high-fantasy stories. Both have taught in Iowa, though Martin left the state a few years before the other would be born in it. Both have never actually read the other’s books, and finally, neither one has yet encountered the other.

Their meeting is sure to be filled with raucous banter (the kind writers only use with other writers. Mine usually includes a few Gresadian epithets. I’m looking forward to his Valantian accent), devilish insights, alliterative insults, a jovial embrace or two, and certainly some witty …witticisms.

That’s assuming Martin can first get past the throng of screaming fans, of course.