My gracious thanks to Bishop Garrigan Choral Director Linda Ferjak for these kinds words regarding our collaboration last December! It was a pleasure to work with you and your students!

“I took students to see a dress rehearsal last winter and I was very impressed with the format and quality of his work. At that time we discussed the possibility of him writing for us and thus the partnership was born.

“Kevin not only wrote the script for us with our special requests, but came to school the week of our show and spent a day in workshop with all of the high school and junior high school students that were involved with the production. The workshop for everyone was primarily improvisation and he presented a writer’s workshop to upper classmen as well. There were close to 100 students involved.

“Kevin then returned to our first rehearsal in the gym to see what the students had accomplished to that point. He added a few adjustments of his own and was very impressed with the work that had been done. He returned for the final show on Sunday and as he worded his impression, ‘The show was mind-blowing.’

“On behalf of myself as Music Director, and Carol Eischeid and Lori Richter as Drama Directors, I would like to thank the Haggard/Twogood Trust for its generosity. Our students were truly enriched by this experience. It is a very unique opportunity to be able to work with an artist of this caliber.”